Chung ‘blitzchung’ Ng Wai was suspended for six months after appearing in an official hearthstone stream earlier this month, wearing a gas mask as a show of support for the Hong Kong protests.

Blizzard imposed a mighty 1 year ban and confiscated all his recent winnings but later shortened the ban duration to six months and returned the $10,000 which was confiscated. The Taiwanese broadcast team presenting blitzchung’s livestream was also fired but later they were handed a six month suspension instead thankfully.

Lawmakers in both chambers of Congress and from each side of the aisle have called on Blizzard Entertainment to rethink its suspension on Chung who publicly supported the continued protests against Chinese rule there by shouting on his stream “Liberate Hong Kong , revolution of our time” . On Friday, a letter was written to Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick during which the legislators urged him to rethink over his decision.

This incident caught the eye of gamers as an American University Hearthstone team held a symbol which said “Free Hong Kong , boycott Blizz” during a politician match. the school players too were banned for six months reciprocally for showing support for Chung. Lets understand the precise issue surrounding this controversy:

Since early June 2019, Hong Kong citizens have protested a bill that might allow local authorities to detain and extradite persons wanted by the Chinese government in Beijing. Hong Kong has been under a special government since the uk ceded control of the territory to China in 1997. Demonstrators have also demanded an investigation into police misconduct during the protests, and a return of democratic reforms promised under the law governing the territory’s 1997 handover.

Uncountable brands were caught during this controversy and are criticized for not taking a stand against the Chinese government so as to safeguard their own profits. Apple removed HKMapp, an application employed by protestors in Hong Kong and NBA came into the limelight after Houston Rockets head Daryl Morey Tweeted in support of the Hong Kong protestors and was thrown under the bus by his team’s governor.

We’re glad that the Congress is stepping up to express discontent and hope that Chung’s punishment gets reversed as soon as possible.