Growing up playing games we’ve all dreamed of enjoying our later years playing our favourite games in peace and quiet with nobody nagging about how long we’ve been online. Well, theres a team of mature gamers who are doing just that called the “Silver Snipers”.

The youngest squad member on the team is 62 and the oldest 81! What’s even better about these guys is that none of them had any experience playing cs:go before they got started. The team funnily enough formed after seeing an ad calling for senior citizens to play as an esports team for a cs:go tournament at a festival in Sweden called the Dreamhack digital.

The guys were lucky enough to have a crash course of intensive training with former cs pro Tommy “Potti” Ingemarsson to get ready for the tournament. Imagine going from zero experience of playing any games to a 3 week session with a former pro! Thats like asking us regular folk to fly a jet plane!

They started with the usual basics like controls, settings and the objective of the game. The team took the whole thing very seriously using things like printouts of keyboard layouts to help them memorise everything faster. They went all in and made of the most of their time with a pro asking a wide range of questions to improve their aim and general game sense.

They chose CS:GO as it was the easiest game to pick up as opposed to games like overwatch or Dota that have a slightly steeper learning curve.

They didn’t have a great first tournament, winning just a couple of rounds in the 2 matches they played against seasoned pro’s, but that hasn’t demotived them at all, if anything it spurred them on to improve.

It’s all fun to play for me and my teammates; winning is a bonus

Olivind “Windy” Toverund

All of their hardwork did come to fruitition though, they won the Seniors World Cup against Finland, Germany and USA at DreamHack Summer 2019 managing to beat the Grey Gunners in the final.